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RCBA Dispute Resolution Service, Inc. Riverside County, Riverside CA, 92501

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Mediator Name Location(s) and Practice Areas
Thomas D. Allert Riverside
Family Law
Robert T. Andersen Riverside County
  Eminent Domain, Real Property, Contracts, Commercial Transactions, Business Law, Probate, Trusts and Conservatorships, Church and Non-Profit Law, Avoidance of Divorce, Collections, Neighbor Disputes, Public Entities
Soheila S. Azizi Riverside, Inland Empire
  Family Law, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Support, Divorce, Spousal Support, Adoption, Guardianships/Conservatorships, Hospital Injuries, Personal Injury, Serious Injuries and Accidents, Wrongful Death, Elder Abuse, Professional Malpractice Legal and Medical Malpractice
John A. Babcock, Esq. Laguna Niguel
  Commercial transactions and litigation, business and corporate, real estate and common interest development, estate planning, wills and trusts, farm, dairy and agricultural litigation and transaction. Representative clients include: business, corporate, manufacturing, real estate, homeowners associations, farm and dairy industry.
Shaaron A. Bangs Riverside
  Business, Construction, Contract
Cari S. Baum, LL.M. Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties
  Specializes in Business, Employment, Personal Injury and Real Estate but has successfully mediated Intellectual Property, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Coverage, Eminent Domain and Civil Rights disputes.
Michael Bell Riverside
  Motor Vehicle Cases, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Federal Civil Rights, Bad Faith, Civil Rights, Medical Malpractice.
Byron Berry Riverside County and Surrounding Areas
  Labor and Employment, Personal Injury, Accidents and Business Litigation
John A. Boyd Riverside
  Business/Commercial Law, including: Formation; Entity Type and Structure (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships); Contract; Construction Disputes and all areas related thereto; Collection; Real Property; Unlawful Detainer; most general Civil Litigation Issues; and Transaction Assistance in negotiating, drafting and closing business arrangements. Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights.
Terry D. Bridges Riverside
  Employment Litigation, Wage and Hour, Wrongful Termination, Discrimination/Harassment and Employment-Labor related Class Actions
Harry E. Brown Riverside
  Business, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Torts, Contracts, Insurance and Family Law
Mary Madison Campbell Victorville
  Family Law, Probate, Environment Law
Harry Carpelan Riverside
  Contract, Discovery Disputes, Eminent Domain, Employment/Labor, Insurance, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Professional Malpractice, Real Property
Lisa Garvin Copeland Palm Desert
  Full range of business issues, including business formation, contracts, employment, labor and collective bargaining and litigation. Experienced in handling complex environmental and business litigation, employment and labor litigation, land use and general commercial disputes. Representative clients include non-profit organizations, homeowners’ associations, real estate developers, business entities and public interest groups. Experienced in probate, trust and conservatorship issues, unlawful detainer (landlord/tenant) disputes.
Donald B. Cripe, SCMA/ACR/AHLA Inland Empire
  Straus-Trained Mediator; Professor of Law; Judicial and Private Arbitrator; Special Master; Referee; Mediation Trainer; Civil and Family Law Arbitration & Mediation; Medical Malpractice Arbitration & Mediation
Gary E. Cripe Coachella Valley, Inland Empire
  Bad Faith, Business, Construction, Contract, Employment/Labor, Environmental, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Real Property, Tort Law
Eugene F. Cristiano Covina
  Business, Construction, Contract, Family Law, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Probate, Real Property, Tort Law
T.W. Ronald Danieri Riverside
  Family Law, Probate, Conservatorships
Robert Deller Riverside
  Family Law: Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage, Uncontested Divorce, Property Rights, Child Custody, Support/Alimony, Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, High-Asset Divorce, Move-Away Orders, Paternity Actions, Child Support. Personal Injury: Auto & Motorcycle Accidents, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death.
Donald S. Dench Rancho Cucamonga and the counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange.
  Family Law, Criminal
John G. Dickman Corona
  Bad Faith, Business, Construction, Contract, Employment/Labor, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Real Property, Tort Law.
Robert C. English 36159 Joltaire Way, Winchester, CA 92596. I am available for ADR services in Riverside, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.
  Family Law, Criminal, Personal Injury, Estate and Probate, Bankruptcy, General Civil and Business Litigation
Jeffrey R. Erickson Redlands
  Bad Faith, Business, Construction, Contract, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Tort Law
Susan Nauss Exon Riverside, San Bernardino
  Legal Malpractice, Employment, Wrongful Termination, Breach of Contract, Real Estate and Construction Defect, Business Torts, Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Trade names, Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Equal Protection, Antitrust, RICO, and Municipal Law.
Edward A. Fernandez Riverside
  Construction Defect Litigation, Construction Injury Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Premises Liability and Personal Injury
Debra B. Gervais Riverside, San Bernardino

Business, Construction, Contract, Intellectual Property, Landlord/Tenant, Lemon Law, Real Property

Jason C. Gless Riverside
  Business, Construction, Contract, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Real Property, Tort Law
Donald G. Grant Riverside
  Bad Faith, Construction, Insurance, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Tort Law
Ronald M. Green Palm Desert, CA - Riverside County
  Personal Injury, Homeowner's Association Law, Construction Defect and Breach of Contract, Real Estate Non-Disclosure and Business Disputes of all sizes.
Christine A. Greer Riverside County
  Business, Contract, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, Probate, Real Property
Thomas H. Hamilton Riverside
  Bankruptcy, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Tort Law
James O. Heiting Riverside
  Personal Injury (including catastrophic loss), Wrongful Death, and Medical Malpractice; Equine Litigation
Paula F. Henry Riverside
Litigation, Medical Malpractice Defense, Healthcare
Lori Carver Hershorin Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Orange County
  Litigation matters involving: lender liability, title, equitable subrogation, lien priority real estate issues, mortgage fraud, mechanics liens, escrow, negligence and insurance bad faith.
Harry J. Histen The greater Riverside area or as arranged by the parties
  General sole practitioner with emphasis in trusts and estates, probate, business and civil litigation.
J. E. Holmes, III Riverside*
  Tort litigation with emphasis in public entity liability, products liability, construction liability, business litigation and general civil litigation
Geoffrey H. Hopper Riverside, Redlands, Inland Empire
  Employment Law, Administrative Law & Litigation
Christopher G. Jensen Riverside
  Business issues, including: formation, entity type and structure (corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships), mergers, sales, contract, collection, management/labor (employer/employee), real property, bankruptcy-related issues, Commercial Code sales of goods and secured transactions and banking. Experience in a variety of commercial areas, including: medical, aerospace, construction, transportation/trucking and manufacturing. Probate and unlawful detainer (land/lord tenant) and most general civil litigation issues (including personal injury).
Michael S. Kahn Desert Area
  Estate Planning, Trust Litigation, Probate, Corporate, Business, Real Estate
Michael G. Kerbs Riverside
  Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Civil Litigation; Appellate
Harlan B. Kistler Western Region (Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino), at the address of the mediator; at the facilities of one of the parties’ counsel or other appropriate facilities.
  Personal Injury and Business Litigation (specialties); Legal Malpractice, Product Liability, Civil Appeals, Medical Malpractice, Contract.
Linda S. Klibanow Riverside
  Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Medical Condition, and Age Discrimination and related Harassment; Family and Medical Leave; Whistleblower Retaliation; Wrongful Termination; Violation of USERRA; Wage/Hour; Employee Discipline; Employee Privacy; Employment Breach of Contract; Employment Civil Rights; Labor Relations; Collective Bargaining; Reduction in Force; Retaliatory Discharge; Unfair Labor Practices; Union – Management Relations; Workplace Violence
Nicholas Kraushaar Riverside County and Southern California
  Business (contract disputes and partnership/shareholder matters); Elder and Family Matters; Divorce, Property Settlement and Child Custody Matters; Probate, Estate, and Trust Matters; Real Estate and Personal Injury
Kirk A. Lauby Riverside
  Construction Defect Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Premises Liability, Personal Injury, Oil and Gas Exploration, Real Estate Building and Development.
Martin Lax Riverside
  Business, Contract, Employment/Labor, Landlord Tenant, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Real Property, Tort Law
Donald R. Lee 18415 Whitewater Way, Riverside, CA 92508
  Personal Injury/Wrongful Death and General Civil Litigation and Trials. Experience in a variety of business and commercial areas, including: Real Property, Environmental, Insurance (including Bad Faith and Coverage), Lemon Law/Warranty, Commercial Contracts, Employment/Labor (Employer/Employee), Commercial Transactions, Construction (Injury and Defect), Transportation/Trucking, Product Liability, Manufacturing and Design.
Luis E. Lopez Riverside
  Business, Contract, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, Real Property
Elliott Luchs Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley
Business, Construction, Contract, Real Property, Probate, Landlord-Tenant/Neighborhood, Partnership
James J. Manning Riverside
Media Law, Real Estate, Title Insurance, Contract, Warranty, and Construction Litigation.
John R. Marcus San Bernardino County, Riverside County
  Bad Faith, Business, Construction, Contract, Family Law, Insurance, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Real Property, Tort Law
Michael J. Marlatt Riverside
  Torts, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Healthcare Provider Law, Medical Malpractice, Public Agency Representation
John W. Marshall Riverside
  Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business/Commercial Law, Complex Law & Motion, Insurance Litigation, Public Agency Representation, Real Estate & Construction, Strict Products Liability, Torts, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death.
Diana L. Martinez Riverside
Dispute resolution, family law, criminal defense, and civil litigation.
Robert McCarty, Sr. Riverside
  Contract, Discovery Disputes, Landlord/Tenant, Other - Trust Disputes, Probate, Real Property
Duane A. Newton Riverside and San Bernardino
  General Civil Litigation, Premise Liability, Personal Injury Litigation
Edgar Nield San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside
  Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Dental Malpractice, Correctional Law Litigation, Construction Litigation, Administrative Law, Small Business Representation, Civil Subpoena, Criminal Subpoena
Terrance O'Malley Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga
  Mr. O'Malley is currently an Administrative Law Judge II for the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. He presides over employee and employer appeals to EDD determinations involving unemployment, disability and tax disputes.
Daniel E. Olson Riverside
  Business, Construction, Contract, Family Law, Insurance, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Probate, Real Property
Stanley O. Orrock Riverside
Litigation involving roadway design, inverse condemnation, premises liability, wrongful termination, vehicle accidents, and general tort litigation.
Joseph T. Ortiz Riverside
  Labor & Employment, Discrimination, Harassment, Leave Law Compliance, Retaliation, Wrongful Termination, Wage-and-Hour Law, Employment Agreements, Labor Negotiations and Unfair Practice Charges, Workplace Safety and Workers' Compensation
Stefan Robert Pancer I am available to conduct mediation(s) at the Riverside Superior Court House (if rooms are available), the Riverside County Bar Association conference room (if available), at the parties’ locations (conference rooms) or at my office location in Redlands (located at 707 Brookside Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373)

FAMILY LAW: Child Custody (including visitation, transportation, pick-up and delivery, location of exchanges of the child/children), methods of communication issues between the parents, issues of new spouses (or significant others in the parents’ lives), Child and Spousal Support, Division of Community Real and Personal Property, Division of Community Debt.

PERSONAL INJURY: Auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bite claims, pedestrian accidents, slip (or trip) and fall accidents. Serious injury claims (Death, Brain, Spine injuries).

BANKRUPTCY: Chapter 7 bankruptcy for an individual single debtor and married couples filing as joint debtors. Chapter 7 for small business filings.

Brian C. Pearcy Riverside
  General Civil Litigation, consisting primarily of business/real estate litigation; transactional work as outside general counsel for corporate clients.
Richard W. S. Pershing Riverside
  Estate Planning and Business Planning, Operations and Transactions
Delilah Knox Rios, APLC Inland Empire, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange counties
  Family law, Wills/Trusts/Probate, and Real Property
Gregory G. Rizio Riverside County, Orange County
Personal Injury, Catastrophic Injuries,Wrongful Death, Employment Law
Laura Rosauer Riverside, Inland Empire
  Family Law, including divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony), property and debt division, financial issues, domestic violence
Judith A. Runyon Riverside
Bankruptcy, Probate, Family Law
Dennis H. Sapire, PhD Palm Springs Rancho Mirage,
  Business, Contract, Family Law, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Probate, and any matter in which my skills as a Licensed Psychologist may be helpful.
Rob Schelling Riverside, Menifee, Inland Empire
  Real property litigation, financial elder abuse litigation, estate and trust administration litigation, dog bite and business related litigation
Charles Schoemaker, Jr. Southern California

Business,personal injury/wrongful death, construction, contract, employment/labor, insurance, lemon law, products liability, professional malpractice, real property and tort litigation.

Jon A. Shoenberger Coachella Valley, Riverside County
  Civil Litigation, Business and Employment, Family Law.
Jeffrey D. Smith Riverside
  Business, Construction, Contract, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant, Lemon Law, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Probate, Real Property, Tort Law
Randall S. Stamen Riverside
  Business, Contract, Real Property, Tort Law
Ellen Michele Stern Riverside, Temecula, Corona, Murrieta, Perris, Moreno Valley
Business Litigation, Real Estate Disputes, Personal Injury, Insider Disputes, Contracts
Bruce Evan Todd Redlands, Riverside
  Construction Defect, Negligence, Products Liability, Government Tort Claims, Premises Liability, Civil and Insurance Defense Litigation
Lisa V. Todd Riverside
  Healthcare Provider Law, Insurance Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Public Agency Representation, Torts, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
Robert A. Walker Riverside
  Bad Faith, Insurance, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Tort Law
B. Kent Warner Inland Empire

All Tort areas, including: Products Liability, Personal Injury, Insurance Bad Faith, Professional Malpractice, Negligence, Intentional Torts, Construction.

Thomas C. Watts, III Riverside
  Business and Complex Personal Injury
William Weathers Riverside
  Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Professional Malpractice
Albert B. Wenzell, Jr. Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County. I am available to conduct mediation(s) at the Riverside Superior Court House (if rooms are available), the Riverside County Bar Association conference room (if available), or at the offices of counsel or parties (conference rooms)
  Bad Faith, Business, Construction, Contract, Employment/Labor, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Landlord/Tenant, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Real Property, Tort Law
David D. Werner Riverside
  Healthcare Benefits
Brian G. Workman Corona, Riverside
  Tort law and civil litigation relating to personal injury claims arising from automobile accidents (vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, trucks), premises liability incidents, slip and fall incidents, dog bite incidents, wrongful death claims, medical malpractice claims, governmental claims; family law matters relating to dissolution and separation of marriages, child custody and support issues, spousal support issues; criminal law relating to DUI offences, drug possession, theft, expungement of criminal records.
Jamie E. Wrage 3750 University Ave., Suite 250, Riverside, CA 92501
  Employment Law, Business Litigation, Contract Law, Fraud, Franchise Law, Government Contracting and Real Estate Law

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